Fancy Plants Kitchen is looking to hire an experienced line cook for our nightly dinner service.


Business seems to go up 20 – 30% almost each month, and we are looking for good candidates with 1 – 2 years professional line cooking experience.

The shifts run from 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


We are a 100% vegan restaurant, run by a chef who trained in San Francisco with some excellent chefs, learning unique techniques, and working with passion utilizing farm driven produce.


We are:

1) A tight, focused team who is equal parts playful, and professional.

2) Cooks who enjoy creating fun dinner theme parties, continuing to learn, and exploring creative cooking.

3) Cooks who work clean, efficiently, and and with the focus one expects from a professional line cook.


I would like to find someone who is passionate about raising our standards, and is sociable enough to be able to work as a team with other excellent people.

This really is a team sport, and we’ve been playing really well together lately

Pay ranges from $18 – 21/hr. based on experience.

The dining room tips out the kitchen as well. And we offer healthcare.

In return, we work extra hard to create good events that bring in people, and are very responsive to customer and server needs. We’ve cooked for many events, including weddings, RCM (Record Chicago Music), and our Sunday 5-course dinner. Our chef has won a San Francisco iron chef, and is passionate about teaching cooks and food education.


Our business has been steadily growing even through winter, and as we expand with 68 additional outside patio seats in the spring and summer, there will be tons of opportunity for intrepid cooks and chefs to take on more responsibility and earn more $.

We’re a new business, and as the restaurant does better, so should the staff.

I am so grateful for our dedicated team, and will tirelessly work to make sure we all succeed.


Being on time and having a good attitude are paramount. We like to have our fun, but I am looking for someone with a serious and professional work ethic.

Take care of us, and we’ll take care of you.


If you are interested please send us your resume, availability, and why you would like to join our team.

We will reach out and respond to each and every single applicant, so you can be clear about the likelihood of you working here.

We believe in good communication, and if you reach out to us, we’ll reach out to you.


Thank you in advance for your time!




The FPK team


About Fancy Plants Kitchen

A farm to table vegan dining destination in Chicago, we feature thoughtful upscale cooking that utilizes both modern and traditional techniques, and greet people with warm hospitality for nightly service and special events at our bar, in our dining room, or our large outdoor patio all nestled in Lincoln Park.

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