We are looking for

Someone committed to training as a vegan Chef in our Restaurant in Worcester.

You’ll need to

  • Be on your feet for long periods
  • Work evenings & weekends
  • Learn menu in detail
  • Learn techniques/spec & get stuck in (you can’t be too scared of making mistakes!)
  • Ask questions & be happy with receiving feedback

General qualities for successfully working in the kitchen

  • Resilience
  • Multi-tasking
  • Working under pressure
  • Consistency
  • Reasonable level of dexterity & hand-eye coordination
  • High Standards
  • Organised
  • Good communication
  • Teamwork- being sensitive to others needs & supporting them as necessary


BTC is committed to being an outstanding employer. Upon contacting us, we will send you a brief overview of our policies & values & are very happy to show you around inside. We actively encourage you to ask questions & will only judge you favourably for doing so.

Shifts, hours, pay etc

BTC needs to run as a business day-to-day, so there are certain boundaries for each member of staff’s contract r.e. Shift patterns, working hours, pay etc. However, we’re committed to long-term relationships with the right staff & so we are more interested in finding contracts & working patterns that work for each individual member of staff, than we are concerned about a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Upon successfully being invited to an interview, these matters can be discussed in more detail; however, we’re very happy to answer specific questions before then.

About Be the change foods

Vegan restaurant, cafe and bakery in Worcester UK.

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