Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. is looking for someone to come on board to help with the public relations aspects of the Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP SUMMIT) which is scheduled for July 30, 2022. It is an online Summit and we recently added Impossible Foods as a Titanium Sponsor and Pat Brown, the Chief Visionary Officer of the Impossible Brand will be a guest speaker. Additionally we will feature former chicken farmers transitioning to a state of the art mushroom facility, and finally we will be teasing the documentary film about the Rowdy Girl story that Moby has signed on as Executive Producer.

All of the above is the perfect criteria for a great PR campaign and we are looking for someone who wants to run with this now.

Skills needed:

Exceptional communication, follow up, and organizational skills a must–both online and by phone.

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About Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Non profit farm animal sanctuary. We are former cattle ranchers in Texas turned vegan and inspire an international audience with our unique conversion story and activism. Not only do we rescue animals bound for slaughter but we also inspire families in FFA and 4H with our Families Choosing Compassion Program - AND - We are advocates for ranchers and animal farmers wanting to transition out of Animal Agriculture. We pride ourselves in enriching our animal residents life to be better everyday!

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