We are Alt Dairy!

We are a fully vegan company looking to expand our alternative dairy offer to food manufacturers and their vegan options.

We are looking for someone to join our team as a Food Production Operative.

The role involves working within an alternative dairy factory in Enfield (London) producing plant-based milks and other dairy alternatives products.

The candidate will be provided with all the relevant training in Food Safety and production.

Training programs will be at our (the employers’) cost.


The role will include:

-setting up a production facility

-overseeing production systems

-recording data for our Critical Control Points

-Cleaning down facility

-Reporting to the manager

Other points: 

  • No experience is necessary and full training will be provided upon the start date.
  • Any previous experience within the food manufacturing industry would be an advantage
  • A driving licence is preferred but not essential.
  • Immediate start
  • Part-time / flexible
  • Food provided

Good work ethic, efficient, reliable and trustworthiness are what we are looking for. We love teamwork.

Please contact us if you feel this is of your interest.





About Alt Dairy

We are alternative dairy manufacturers.
We produce all types of plant-based alternatives to dairy products.

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