We’re a committed group setting up a housing co-op and associated workers’ co-op to buy land in SW Scotland in 2023. We’ll live on the land in as much harmony with nature as possible, host events and courses and grow most of our own food, as well as surplus to sell. We’ll actively campaign and do outreach work. Our mission is to prove that it’s not only possible, but essential to grow nutritious food without any livestock inputs. So, we are both a housing co-op and a vegan campaign group. Our problem is that although between us we have loads of skills and experience, marketing isn’t one. We urgently need more founder members, and we don’t know how to reach them.

We have a website already. We’re looking for someone to take over our Facebook page, set up an Instagram and get us mentioned in magazines and all the right places. It’s very short term work (until the end of 2022, max) that you can fit around other commitments. Once we’re up and running, you’ll have an open invitation to have free holidays on site in a beautiful part of Scotland. Free organic fruit and veg. Our woodworking enthusiasts can make you beautiful things. Basically, it’s a great way for someone to get involved and help, who doesn’t want to live on site. If you’d rather be paid in cash, we can do that once we have bought the site and are paying rent to the co-op, though we don’t have a budget right now. Interested? Let’s chat.

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About Lusan Veganic Co-op

A new land-based vegan organic agroforestry growing project and housing co-op in Dumfries and Galloway.

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