We are an English-speaking vegetarian family looking for a private chef-cum-household manager to work for us in Marbella, Spain. While our family consists of vegan and vegetarian members, we are fine with a chef that only works with vegan food. The chef will be in charge of the whole kitchen and will expected to do all the shopping, mise-en-place, cooking, serving and kitchen cleaning. There will be assistance (cleaner + baby sitter + driver) but it shouldn’t be relied upon.

The family consists of a young couple and their two children (a six year old and a newborn baby). There is some, although very limited, entertaining. Every meal is for 4-5 adults and a child. (Including school+office packed lunch). Dinner timings could be late in Summer with the sun going down later. Please note that it is important to be aware of the erratic times as it is a family job and not a corporate one. Flexibility is a must.

The family frequently travels on work and holiday and will often need the chef to accompany them. Sadly, our current chef is going back to her home country to get married. She was with us for 18 months and travelled to Zambia, Oman, Dubai, London, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Cape Town with us. Wonderful experiences to be had!

International driving licence is preferred but not necessary. Shops are a 5 mins walk from the house.

To start immediately. 6 days a week (light to no work on Saturdays)

Pay: Euros 1,300/month + Accommodation (Nice new modern house in one of the best areas of Marbella and a 2 min walk from the sea)

Important: The applicant must have European Nationality (or relevant visas to work in Europe)

note from veganjobs.com: We’ve verified this family by chatting with the active LinkedIn profile of one of the heads of the household

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