At Gaia Pulses we believe change can be made through food. Pulses are the most sustainable crop in the history of food and they are a superfood for humans. We produce ready meals with heritage Greek pulse-based recipes and we distribute hot food to our subscribers in reusable containers.

We are looking for a Head Chef to take over from the founder. There are existing recipes which they will need to be mastered but there is plenty of space for new dishes to be added. Mains as well as salads, desserts, ferments and more.

The job currently is day time, 25-35 hours per week but it will increase to 40-45 by March.

Are you a professional trained Chef, a meditator and passionate about sustainability? Are you consistent, disciplined and willing to commit in the long term? Are you well organised and confident in building a strong team? You live in East London? Then I strongly encourage you to apply.

Know someone interested?