Social Movement Campaigner Success Profile

The Purpose of this Role is…

Build a people-powered social movement for Animal Freedom in the UK

About the Role

This Lancaster-based role sits within our Social Movement Operations team, which is building and driving the people-powered movement that will shift how people all over the UK talk about Animal Freedom.

As a Social Movement Campaigner, the possibilities are endless. You might find yourself building our next national campaign; you could be organising everyday people to lead local groups; you might set up the technology that powers the movement; or you might find yourself training leaders across the country. It takes all sorts to build a movement, and we’re seeking people of diverse skillsets to join our team.

  Who We’re Looking For

It’s essential that:

  • You believe in the power of everyday people to change the world
  • You’re eager to build the lasting power needed to win Animal Freedom
  • You can commit to an organisation engaged with nonviolent civil disobedience


It would be ideal, but not essential, if:

  • You have experience advocating for animals
  • You’re familiar with Momentum-driven Organising as described in This Is An Uprising by Mark & Paul Engler

  You shouldn’t take this role if…

  • You don’t like the idea of working in a tight-knit team
  • You’re not open to building an Animal Freedom movement that creates space for people of different values and backgrounds to participate (including non-vegans and people of right-wing identities)

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About Animal Think Tank

Our Mission:

Animal Think Tank’s mission is to support the building of a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that has the power, resilience and longevity to ensure all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and the security of person protected in UK law and embraced by society. We aim to achieve this by organising and mobilising people to engage in constructive work and nonviolent civil disobedience. Alongside this, we aim to assist the strategic direction, capacity and innovation of the wider movement, seeding any needed organisations, and supporting the many others working towards Animal Freedom in their own diverse ways. Our main areas of work include: Movement Building and Unity; Anti-speciesism; Strategy; Narrative Framing; Organising Structures; Culture; Nonviolence; Leadership Development; and Training.

Our Story:

Launched in 2018, Animal Think Tank came together as a group of people determined to apply social movement theory and cutting edge strategy to build a broad-based movement for animal freedom.

Since launching, we’ve trained hundreds of changemakers through Movement Building workshops in the UK, US and Canada. We also launched Animal Rebellion, an ally to Extinction Rebellion, who are seeking to push the issue of animal farming and fishing into the environmental movement’s focus.

By 2022/23 we intend to scale into a large team of 20-30 people and launch a mass movement organisation for animal freedom.

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