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Role: Documentary Film Maker

Deadline: 8 May 2023



This is an exciting role to produce an engaging documentary for streaming services, that visually connects climate change to everyday food choices and food systems.

One of ESDO’s foundational missions is to stimulate a consumer-led dietary change towards lower emission food in wealthy developed countries.

This role will design, script, film and produce a documentary that achieves this aim. You will need to have experience in all elements of documentary production including filmography and be fully aligned with ESDO’s mission on Climate, Environment, Health & Food Systems. You will have 18 months to complete the documentary and will work very closely with ESDO’s CEO on all aspects of the project. The role is for someone that wants to tell a compelling story, is comfortable working autonomously and is highly collaborative on creative components. This is a full time position for 18 months and international travel will likely be required.


The Role

This is a hands-on role leading all aspects of the production of the documentary and will involve personally delivering all aspects of it, except for any moving graphics or post production special effects.

The success of the documentary will be determined by how well it engages audiences that have cognitive dissonance and/or an emotional challenge with changing their food consumption habits. In particular it needs to highlight how immediate change is needed by large sections of society, how consumers can do this now, and also highlight credible plans for lower impact food systems. The facts it highlights and the story it tells needs to be bullet proof – the film cannot be discredited for poor fact checking.

The film needs to accomplish all of this while having a streaming-service level of production quality and while being entertaining. A tough task! However within these bounds there is a high degree of flexibility and we need creative minded story teller to achieve this.

The role will work very closely with ESDO’s CEO. The responsibilities of the role will include but not be limited to:

Pre-Production Planning 

  • Compiling highly credible facts relevant to the documentary that are thoroughly supported scientifically with extensive referencing.
  • Leading brainstorming sessions on documentary content.
  • Storyboarding the documentary, collecting feedback and refining the story.
  • Identifying and recruiting protagonists if required.
  • Creating a production plan including budget and filming schedule.
  • Contacting persons of interest for interviews including notable people / celebrities / experts.
  • All aspects of project management.


  • Conducting and filming interviews with relevant people.
  • Filming all elements of the final storyboard including plot lines and protagonists as required.
  • Reviewing film stock and
  • Travelling to conduct the above tasks and/or tasking others with filming requirements.

Post Production & Promotion

  • Editing, colour grading and adding visual effects and translations (where required).
  • Testing the film with audiences and refining based on feedback
  • Identifying and negotiating with distributors to have the film picked up by popular streaming services in as many countries of relevance as possible.
  • Developing a Media and PR plan for release.



This is a role for someone who wants to make a difference on one of the most difficult components of the climate transition in western developed countries. A problem that can only be solved with a consumer-led approach and where there is currently little recognition that solutions already exist.

A successful candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • Fully aligned and passionate about ESDO’s mission on Climate, Environment, Health and Food Systems.
  • Film making is in your soul and you can points to several projects where you have either led or made substantial contributions to.
  • Complete native fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Based in Ireland, the UK or Western Europe.
  • Confident enough to work and travel autonomously, but collaborative by nature.

Engagement Terms

The monthly all inclusive fee is EUR2,250 plus business expenses for travel etc.

This is a full time consultant position for 18 months. The ideal candidate would be based in Ireland, the UK or Western Europe and must be fully available and committed to this project throughout the 18 months.

The successful candidate is expected to begin mid-year in 2023.


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About European Sustainable Development Organisation (ESDO)

The European Sustainable Development Organisation (ESDO) works for a healthier, safer and more equal planet.

ESDO delivers evidence, behaviour change and strategy services on six social challenges.

ESDO’s mission on Climate, Environment,
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As part of ESDO’s Sustainability Policy, we do not pay for animal products when staff are travelling or catering is needed and we select suppliers partly based on their alignment with ESDO’s sustainability policy.

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