We are looking for a fantastic Restaurant Manager to lead our Brighton restaurant, leading the restaurant to success for the long term. The Manager will have overall responsibility for the day to day running of the restaurant, from running service, to operations, to planning, to staff management and stock management.

Main responsibilities:

  • Stock management – ensure teams are using and counting stock correctly. Stock rotation and minimising and recording wastage is also essential. Also covers management of staff food to ensure everything is accounted for.
  • Ordering –ensuring systems are being used correctly to place orders for stock in good time, and managing orders received from all suppliers.
  • Rota management – plan and manage the rota for the site team, ensuring sufficient cover across all shifts, and balancing workload and time off for all staff.
  • Recruitment – supporting the first level of recruitment for the restaurant, holding first interviews and giving recommendations/feedback to Operations Manager. Also encourage relevant AMs / Supervisors to attend first-level interviews to ensure that skills are being developed throughout the team.
  • HR – responsibility for first level HR issues for staff. Maintain all HR records, including absences and leave, through system.
  • Training/onboarding – ensure training and onboarding process is consistent and high quality with all new starters, also making sure to schedule follow up meetings throughout the first few months of employment to monitor progress. Hold training sessions to focus on different things for the whole team every month.
  • Weekly basic sales reporting – top sellers, making sure our rota fits our busy periods, using this information to communicate with staff to work on specific issues/upselling. Giving feedback on why sales might be up or down and coming up with solutions to grow the business.
  • Business Development – driving and supporting promotional events and ideas at the store, always looking for ways to increase sales and awareness every day.
  • Hygiene standards – Ensuring all members of staff are performing to the highest hygiene standards across all sites. Performing regular audits and taking responsibility for food safety scores. Scores at all sites are currently the maximum available, 5, so maintaining this level is extremely important.
  • Process improvements – always be looking for ways we can improve processes across the business. Small savings in time or money will make a huge difference as the company scales over the next few years. Similarly best practices and great ideas can be shared across the business and we rely on store level feedback to drive these changes.
  • Team meetings – Hold regular staff meetings to ensure the team are prepared, motivated and ready to go for the day.
  • Day to day requirements – Still required to work in store and support the team to provide an exceptional service to our customers every day. Will remain a part of the rota, but ensure you have enough time and space to complete additional tasks also.

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