Pax Fauna is supporting a historic pilot campaign in Denver. We are hiring a Campaign Coordinator to organize and build leadership among our volunteers.


  • Develop the community organizing model for a new mass movement for animals based on research
  • Build a volunteer movement by recruiting volunteers for leadership roles, mentoring them, and holding them accountable
  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of experienced organizers devoted to our principles

Applications are processed on a rolling basis through October 31. Generally speaking, no specific credentials or experience are required for roles at Pax Fauna.

This role is located in Denver, CO. Salary $42,850 per year (flat rate for all team members pegged to MIT living wage calculator) plus healthcare and retirement contributions worth >$6,000 per year.

Work at Pax Fauna is highly self-directed. Self-starters with a track record of initiating projects might succeed here.

Campaign Coordinator role:

Purpose: Run an ever-growing volunteer organization in Denver passing pro-animal laws and changing public opinion.

Outcomes you’ll be assessed on:

  • Key functions of the campaign are fulfilled by volunteers who have all the support they need to succeed.
  • The campaign is constantly recruiting new volunteers, and some of those volunteers take on greater responsibility and become organizers.
  • Collectively, enough volunteer hours are put into the campaign each week to substantially impact the outcome of our ballot measures on election day.


  • Building individual relationships with our community of volunteers, recruiting volunteers into roles with significant responsibility for the campaign, and providing them with the mentorship, coordination, and accountability they need to succeed.
  • Creating systems for volunteers to autonomously carry out the key functions of the campaign, then continuously improving those systems based on real-world performance.
  • Keeping our community of volunteers informed and motivated.
  • Facilitating organizer meetings and group activities.
  • Developing and initiating creative new strategies to realize the goals for the campaign set by the Mission Circle.

Key Skills

  • Hold volunteer leaders accountable to goals and commitments they set.
  • Comfortably manage digital systems (including spreadsheets) and quickly master new software to the point that you can train others.
  • Comfortable speaking motivationally in front of groups and working 1:1 with individuals in a coaching capacity.

We strongly encourage applications from women and people of color even if you aren’t quite sure whether you’d meet everything we’re looking for. The first step is easy, and applications are processed on a rolling basis, so apply now!

About Pax Fauna

Pax Fauna exists to help end the use of animals for food, by accelerating the emergence of a highly intelligent, collaborative, Nonviolent grassroots mass movement ecosystem to abolish the animal slaughter industry in the United States. We aim to achieve this by conducting research and developing educational, informational, and material resources to enable local advocacy communities to seize the narrative about animal agriculture using controversial mass protest and scalable community organizing.

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