We are looking for a registered vegan dietitian who will assist with the development of resources for our new website- Living Vegan which is currently being created. I am a vegan dietitian and I need help to get about 20-30 resources completed. Topics such as weight loss on a plant based diet, vegan diets and heart disease, vegan diet and breastfeeding, what is a vegan diet, vegan diet and high blood pressure, vegan diets for children, etc etc. I will be also creating resources but I am on a time restriction (we need them completed within 2 months if possible). Only text and evidence based information is needed with advice and tips, an editor will then add in color, pictures and pdf them. Payment is negotiable but we are on a tight budget.

About Living Vegan

We will be a one stop for all things vegan. Trends, news, health, environment, cosmetics, food, etc but where we will stand out from the rest is that we will have dietitians answering questions, there will be free resources, programs and ebooks for anyone who subscribes. Our goal is to help 1 million people go vegan!

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