We are seeking a Vegan psychologist to assist with a new project that will go live in January 2019. Prior to that we need some resources developed around carnism and why we eat meat and the psychology behind consuming animal flesh, the Reasons behind why humans do what they do etc. resources on the psychology of making change and the stages of change so on. We are starting up a new website called Living Vegan that we want to make a worldwide success. You may also be required on a weekly or fortnightly basis once the website goes live. We are hoping for free contributions to the website but happy to pay for the development of quality resources.

About Living Vegan

We will be a one stop for all things vegan. Trends, news, health, environment, cosmetics, food, etc but where we will stand out from the rest is that we will have dietitians answering questions, there will be free resources, programs and ebooks for anyone who subscribes. Our goal is to help 1 million people go vegan!


We want a psychologist to be involved also to assist people

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