• Prepare, season, and cook foodstuffs.
  • Delegate kitchen tasks and oversee food preparation.
  • Manage kitchen inventory.
  • Ensure and maintain hygiene and health and safety standards.
  • Carry out any necessary duty in the needs of the business.

About Sharmila limited t/a 222 Vegan restaurant

222 is a London's favourite vegan restaurant. Since opening in 2004, our aim has been simple - to welcome everyone with satisfying and delicious food which is also very good for you!

All dishes are prepared to order by Ben and his kitchen using fresh natural ingredients and techniques which preserve taste and nutritional value. This level of personal attention means that if you have a special request or particular dietary requirements we can make something just for you. Our food is low-fat, low-salt, non-GM, and organic where possible. We never deep-fry or microwave.

A visit to 222 is a unique dinning experience. We look forward to welcoming you!

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