We are seeking a certified personal trainer to work as an independent contractor at our personal training studio Root Force Personal Training  and globally with clients via Skype. We’re located in the Manchester district of Richmond, Virginia and have been successfully operating in that space since 2012. We’ve also been coaching a global clientele online via Skype since 2010.

Plant-based nutrition is a focus of our training philosophy and so familiarity with it is a requirement.

Work is normally part-time at first as a clientele is build up (as with any PT job!) but we have a fantastic trainer who is changing careers and has a full in-person client roster ready to hand off in October! Historically, we’ve also been unable to meet local demand. It should not be difficult to work full time if you like, and you will be able to set your own schedule in-person and online.

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About Root Force Personal Training/Vegan Muscle and Fitness

We've offered online and in-person plant-based personal training since 2009.

Our studio, located in the Manchester District of Richmond, Virginia, offers plate-loaded strength training equipment, free weights, and plyometric and rehabilitiative equipment with a focus on old-school simplicity!

We work with clients who are vegan or who are interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet.



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