We are launching Bliss Immersions, a vegan wellness holiday company that inspires people to feel the real benefits of veganism and a wellness lifestyle.

If this is something you really care about I am interested to talk with.

We have prepared deals with a Bhutanese travel agency and have 4 or 8 coaches ready to do a vegan wellness immersion with us. We are going to multiply our wellness program and do it in many places with many people who have great things to teach and share.

We are looking for someone with a genuine passion for this lifestyle and now we are looking for someone who enjoys creating the best possible web designs and designs in general.

We ask ourselves:

What are the best web designs in the world?

How could web designs be even better?

What is the future of web design?

So we feel inspired to have someone who really cares about design to be a co founder with us and enjoy a healthy profit share and be able to travel the world in as ideal wellness conditions as possible, tailored for veganism.

If this is you or you have other complimentary talents, please send me a message!


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About Bliss Immersions

We provide transformational vegan journeys that inspires people to feel the benefits of real veganism.

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