This idea has the potential to really disrupt the market. This contract will last roughly 3 months and involves creating a website and an app, the bulk of which is tweaking an existing template. We are pretty flexible about work schedules as long as we’re making progress and the project is done by the end of the 3 months.

You will be working closely with me (I’m doing the design & branding) and will need to explain things to get my head around how stuff works so I know what aspects of the template I can customise and create assets for, and what coding languages are needed to fully complete this project.

This is truly an exciting time for the vegan movement and you will be part of making compassionate choices more accessible in the world.

We are looking to find the right person ASAP and begin within the next 3 weeks.

Please send us your portfolio and any work you believe is relevant. As a bonus, let us know how involved you are in the vegan community!

Up to £3000/month (3 month contract) depending on experience. We are open to working with junior coders for this initial phase, but we are also looking for more experienced developers in our second stage (early 2019) so get in touch regardless.

A bit about us: I (Anita) am a freelance designer currently working remotely abroad. Andrei, my business partner, runs a pizza restaurant in North London (which has a great vegan menu). Our approach is flexible as long as we reach the target and the app/website is up for Beta testing by the end of the 3 months.

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About TBD

My business partner and I are looking for a developer who shares our ethical standpoint of a vegan lifestyle which is crucial to the philosophy of the startup. This idea has the potential to really disrupt the market. We are still in our early stages, just past funding, so we don't want to give too much away.

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