Lowhills Animal Sanctuary is looking for new people to join the team who are passionate about animals in general, animal welfare, sanctuary life for animals in need of long-term care, rescue and rehabilitation, promoting the animal sanctuary to raise much needed funds, educating the public on animal care, welfare and the aims of Lowhills.

Lowhills Animal Sanctuary is a very small non registered animal rescue and sanctuary currently taking care of old, sometimes abused, neglected, feral and semi feral cats and ex battery and no longer wanted chickens, occasionally dogs and other animals where space permitted to accept them. Lowhills is also part of a very new animal behaviour and training consultancy in positive reinforcement and force free training.

Lowhills is looking to raise enough funds to buy its own premises, enable the sanctuary to be registered as a charity, fundraise and take in more animals that are in dire need of help. Lowhills needs more people to do this who are committed to making animals lives matter, offer non-judgemental advice and support in a sometimes very bleak world where animals are concerned. We are mainly looking for non carers to get the sanctuary moving in the right direction but if you are local then we would be happy to hear from qualified animal carers and also who would like to offer their experience to other non qualified personnel.

Please send an e-mail if you have the time to put in your expertise to any one of these roles:

Fundraisers, event organisers, media support, videographer, veterinary nurses, veterinary surgeons, administration, book keeping, accounts, volunteer co-ordinator, community education support and management roles.

Lowhills is currently situated in Rugby, Warwickshire, this is only temporary but you will need to travel to the sanctuary/home of Lowhills to carry out some duties as you will need to be part of team meetings, understand the layout and mission of where Lowhills is heading. This is voluntary at the moment unfortunately.

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About Lowhills Animal Sanctuary

Lowhills Animal Sanctuary is a voluntary, non-destruct, non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary for animals in need of rehabilitation, shelter and training or a permanent home.

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