This is an exciting time for Viva!’s Web Team. We are growing and developing our online campaigns to save animals, protect our planet and promote vegan health and our resources to help people go and stay vegan. We have a large and varied portfolio and this exciting role reflects the many facets of Viva! and our sub-brands. No two days will be the same! This role requires passion for UX and digital design, a high degree of organisational skills, the ability to juggle a large and varied workload, the flexibility to work in an ever changing, reactive campaigning environment and a keen eye for detail.

Closing date: 14 January 2019

Salary scale £23,000 to £28,000 pa, full time only, based in our Bristol office.


To apply, email your CV and covering letter to rhiannon@viva.org.uk with the email subject “Job Application”.

The covering letter should detail:

  • Why you are vegan (or vegetarian)
  • Why you want to work for Viva!
  • Your work experience and how it relates to this role
  • Your pastimes/hobbies
  • Anything else relevant

The CV should include:

  • Education and results
  • Work experience
  • Two work referees (including current employer)
  • Current (or most recent) salary

Job Description
Reports to the director.

  • Manage the Viva! Web Team and associated third parties.
  • Act as the main point of contact for external project work with freelancers and agencies.
  • Manage and oversee the maintenance of the charity’s website portfolio, hosting, Shopify and MailChimp accounts.
  • Manage incoming website requests using Atlassian’s issue and project tracking software, Jira.
  • Manage and oversee the build of new projects, from conception to completion.
  • Managing the user experience to make it is as easy as possible for our web visitors to access the tools and information they need, or make a vital donation.
  • Ensure the online content is of a high quality and up to date.
  • Act as the lead advisor on all digital and web aspects for the charity.
  • Produce monthly reports on KPIs and team activity.
  • Provide web and digital support for all colleagues, working closely with other departments.
  • Contribute new ideas to help Viva! meet its aims.
  • Contribute excellent design work. Create new graphics for web pages, redesign websites and individual sections.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Our ideal candidate would have these qualities & experience:

  • A basic working knowledge of Drupal CMS.
  • Have an excellent eye for design and good UX.
  • Some understanding of PHP/HTML/CSS and app management in iOS or Android.
  • In-depth knowledge of MailChimp and email marketing.
  • A basic understanding of GDPR and what implications this has for the Web Team.
  • Experience of managing web projects, web builds and launches.
  • Previous line management experience, arranging contracts and outsourcing projects.
  • Adept at managing a reactive workload.
  • Experience working with freelancers and agencies to complete projects on budget and on time.
  • Comfortable working with a virtual team (our team includes in-person and remote members).
  • Be able to work autonomously under your own steam, and also communicate openly and directly with staff.
  • Experience helping clients/staff members achieve their vision, shape a project and put together a project plan/timeline.
  • Takes initiative (we’re a small charity, everyone pitches in).
  • Appreciate variety (no day’s the same).

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About Viva!

Viva! is an active, vivacious organisation fighting to stop cruelty and harm to animals. We rely on public donations for our campaigns and outreach.

We promote and celebrate veganism - because exploiting and killing animals is wrong on many levels. Most farmed animals spend their short and miserable lives in the filth of factory farms and are killed with sickening barbarity. We expose this abuse by secretly going inside these shameful places and filming the suffering – publicising it with nationwide campaigns that bring about change.

Viva! also monitors the latest research from all over the world on health, and we have a very active arm, Viva!Health, showing how our diet can cause or prevent chronic diseases.

We also help people change their diet, offering reassurance and practical advice. We provide info on every aspect of going towards or being vegan. People change at their own pace, we understand that!

Viva! also campaigns on the environmental devastation wrought by the meat, fish and dairy industries.

Viva! organises demonstrations, events and imaginative national and local campaigns.

Viva! needs your support to end the shame of animal suffering, to protect the planet and stop the killing.

Viva! welcomes everyone on board! Our supporters are from every walk of life, with every type of diet but all on the same path towards a saner, wiser, kinder world.

A rare chance to work for the charity you love! We need dedicated, talented souls to help us expand and create a vegan Britain.

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