We are seeking a tonic bar chief who can create tonic herbal drinks, have experience and an education in herbalism and can make wonderful tonic drinks, smoothies and juices.

We are thinking somebody like Truth Calkins, only vegan and with a little bit more natural energy.

We are seeking this person for a client looking to hire somebody for their bar and they are currently serving alcohol, but we want to transition to more kefir, herbal drinks and juices.


  • Must have knowledge about herbs and certification or education related to herbs
  • Must have experience in juice bars/tonic bars
  • Must enjoy talking to a lot of people and gain energy from being social, an extrovert
  • Must focus on creating the most beautiful drinks in the world
  • Must focus on nutrition first and then go for ideal taste and aesthetics

Please send your favourite pictures of beautiful drinks whether they are herbal or not to see your design preference and standard.

Please send us some of your favourite recipes in terms of nutrition.

Please tell us what makes people receive the most amount of value in a bar.

Accommodation, food and salary provided.

Thank you!

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