We’re looking for a vegan writer. Experience in content writing may be advantageous but not a requirement.

The content may be recipe reviews, such as here:


Product reviews, such as here:


Book reviews, such as here:


as well as other projects.

This may be a long-term project.

You’ll be given full training and support. We pay via PayPal, $25 US Dollars per 1000 words and we pay PayPal’s fees. If you’re unable to receive PayPal, don’t let this be a problem as we can use other methods of payment.

The audience you’ll be writing for is (at the moment) in the U.S. and for those wanting help to switch to a plant-based lifestyle, so you’ll be writing for the average John and Jane Doe.

It’s imperative you are aware of  U.S. culture and can write as such.

If you’re  interested, please contact us with  a quick note about yourself and how much time you can commit.

We’re a friendly bunch of 3 and we’d likely want to have a chat with you on Skype as we love to get to know who we’re working with. We’re all about integrity and quality so if you think you’d like to join our team, drop us a line!

Many thanks!

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