One Bite Vegan is a website and digital magazine that has a rapidly growing readership. We’re looking for one or more experienced and motivated sales managers to sell advertising and sponsored content for our digital magazine and website, and sponsorship for various projects throughout the year.

We’re looking for professionals who are passionate about a vegan lifestyle and have the ability and drive to set up a sales function from scratch. Sales Managers will be responsible for finding and engaging with new customers through referrals, networking and cold-calling.  They’ll also maintain relationships with their existing customer base through check-up calls and follow-up emails.

If you are dedicated, love a challenge and have digital and/or print publishing sales experience, we can’t wait to see your CV.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

·         Acquires new customers by reaching out to leads

·         Researches customer’s individual or business purchase needs

·         Adjusts sales tactics based on tests and new insights in the field

·         Resolves customer complaints and queries

·         Submits purchase orders

·         Informs management of purchase actions

·         Maintains monthly or bi-monthly minimum goals

·         Completes market research and monitors competitor activity

·         Makes recommendations for the customer

·         Maintains documentation of customer contact and account updates


Requirements and Qualifications

·         High school diploma

·         Bachelor’s degree (ideal but not required)

·         Additional certifications and other professional development experience

·         1+ year of sales experience

·         Customer service and people skills

·         Phone, email, and chat communication skills

·         Prospecting skills

·         Territory management aptitude

·         Persuasion, negotiation, and closing skills

·         Ability to meet deadlines and financial goal minimums

·         Patience to deal with customer issues and calls that do not end in a sale

·         Motivation skills and a positive attitude



This role is paid on commission only at a rate of 25%. Further down the line, monthly targets can be worked out and agreed and if met, a potential bonus structure could be put in place.


How to apply

Please only apply if you have the required skills and experience; we will not consider anyone that doesn’t have publishing sales experience. We are looking for serious applicants that are dedicated to the job and contributing to the overall success of our team.

If interested, please send your CV and a cover letter explaining your experience, your current situation, your availability and why you want to work for One Bite Vegan.

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About One Bite Vegan

One bite.

One bite is all it takes to make a change.

Much of the food we choose to eat today is destroying our health and vitality. By consuming animal products, we are creating and fueling disease within us that is causing our own suffering and shortening our lifespan.

One bite is all it takes to make a change.

Much of the food we choose to eat today is destroying our planet. By consuming animal products, we are annihilating rainforests, ravaging our oceans, and ignoring the greatest contributor to global warming. We are supporting an unsustainable food system which neglects hungry masses and denies future generations a world free from environmental devastation.

One bite is all it takes to make a change.

Above all, much of the food we choose to eat today is causing incomprehensible suffering to the sentient beings who share this earth with us. By consuming animal products, we are turning a blind eye to the atrocities that are being inflicted upon innocent animals every day across the globe.

One bite is all it takes to make a change.

Our mission is to do our part to spread this message. As intelligent and compassionate beings, we are all capable of affecting change once we make the connection. What we have been eating is wrong. It is wrong for our health, wrong for the planet, and wrong for the animals.

By simply making a different choice about what goes onto our plate, we can say no to these wrongs and begin to make them right. Each and every person makes a difference. One bite is all it takes to become vegan and make a change.

We are passionate about sharing the why and the how.

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