Montessori teachers and assistants wanted to teach the Montessori curriculum, which includes teaching respect for  ALL life, including insects.

Perfect for vegans, you will be expected never to harm insects that may find their way inside, but to gently escort them outside.

The Director of the school is a vegan and is interested in hiring other vegans.

Please indicate on your resume that you saw us on VeganJobs.com


About Top Hat Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was a psychiatrist who spent over 50 years researching the developmental needs of children and developed a program that takes these needs into consideration and that also teaches compassion and respect for all life with a vision which includes educating young children in such a way that plants seeds in them that will create a more gentle and peaceful world in the future where all life is respected and appreciated at all times.

Top Hat Montessori's mission is to continue fulfilling Dr. Montessori's vision.

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