Hi, I’m looking for the Chef out there that is excited to make a change. I am preparing to open a new restaurant that will be all Vegan. It will be small, yet mighty. The person who should apply for this position would need to most likely have to relocate to a small town here in the Mountains near Yosemite. This  chef will help co-create a menu with me and a small staff to assist in operating this new cafe.

I plan on being open for business by Jan 2017 or early Feb 2018. I would be able to obtain this placement for one year and after the 1st year revisit or change our agreed terms & salary. This would prove to be a fun uplifting experience, along with having a chance in becoming a future partner. I am a high energy, fun active person who is prepared to create a little magic.

Who’s interested? If you are, please contact me and lets chat.

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