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If you’re looking for a Full-time job and you’re:

Vegetarian or Vegan or at least you believe in it, have a mature personality with a good sense of humor and a big smile throughout the day, able to speak good English, love animals and care for our environment. Hard working and interested in cooking with creative ideas with basic computer knowledge, believe that we can make the world a better a place to live and you can work at least 5 days a week from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Either has the basic food and Hygiene certificate or willing to attend a course to obtain one.

Then you are the person we’re looking for.

You will not have a fixed wage and you will not be hired by us, however, you will be working as our self-employed Kingston branch partner.

We will provide you with freshly prepared dishes that are usually cooked early morning and delivered to you by 9:00 am every morning we arrange the shopping for you, and we take care of advertising, equipment, repair and the website.

You are responsible for setting up the stall every morning and closing down every evening after 4.00 pm, Preparing the salad bar and drinks, Some simple cooking, warming up the food, selling and cashing up the money. Previous experience in working with food is an advantage buy not necessary.

We would be happy to let the candidate to keep all the profit they make, after paying all the stall expenses including (rent, bills and cost of raw ingredients)

Our main goal is to promote Vegan diet as we believe changing the world starts with changing the diet and we are planning to expand our work by opening new branches and concentrate on expanding our online meal delivery network.

If you like to be part of our team please write to us and say something about yourself and what you can bring to the party.


Email us : hello@unclejam.co.uk

Unit 18, Kingston ancient market place KT1 1JS

Office 01784730154

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About Uncle Jam's Vegan Garden

Our mission does not end with providing affordable, healthy plant-based food and desserts to our nation. At uncle Jam’s vegan garden, we organise cooking classes first Sunday of the month, outside our stall at Kingston ancient market place, in addition to other well-being exercises such as yoga and meditation, completely free of charge. Our humble stall may look tiny next to others who are completely against our belief, nonetheless, our team members who are passionate about veganism and put their time and effort to volunteer with us have big dreams to spread uncle Jam’s vision who is over 70 years young and followed a plant-based diet for more than half century.

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