The position
Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a research and training program aimed at creating multiple high-impact charities annually with a focus on a number of cause areas, including animal advocacy.

The focus of the outreach coordinator will be to find and encourage individuals well suited to founding high impact charities to take part in the program. This coordinator would be expected to execute multiple outreach strategies as well as manage interns and volunteers. These strategies could range from:

– Attending conferences and giving talks
– Getting CE talked about on relevant blogs and newsletters
– Talking to promising individuals about why they might or might not be a good fit for CE
– Writing content that promotes the program or teaches people how to start a charity

The outreach coordinator will have highly varied responsibilities and will be expected to gain many new skills on the job.

This organization and job is entirely impact focused. The expected value of founding charities is high and this is a higher leverage way of getting high impact charities founded than doing it directly. See our previous writing on thevalue of CE and the expected value of a top charity for more detailed reasoning on the impact of charity entrepreneurship.

Additionally, given the rarity of the skill sets we are looking for, a candidate with the right fit is likely to have a strong counterfactual effect. We expect a strong vs weak outreach coordinator could be the difference between 5 or 15 students attending the CE program and thus result in proportionally more or higher quality charities being founded.

Skill-building value
This job will involve rapid learning and application of knowledge. It will involve applying systematic thought to social outreach approaches and creating a carefully evaluated and scalable outreach system that can be used long term. Day-to-day conversations will include talking about crucial considerations, psychology,  application of self-improvement techniques, and how to deal with human uncertainty. This job will provide strong learning value for people looking to enter a long term career in the EA movement, outreach, or charity entrepreneurship.

EA peer group in either office
London is one of the largest hubs of Effective Altruism, with meetups and socials happening every week. There is also a small community built around starting charities from the alumni of the Charity Entrepreneurship incubation program.

Vancouver is a hub of Effective Altruism, including the HQ of Charity Science (subprojects: Charity Science Health,  Charity Science Outreach and Charity Entrepreneurship) and Rethink Charity. There are also employees who have worked or are currently working for Animal Charity Evaluators, 80,000 Hours and the Foundational Research Institute, and an active EA university chapter.

What we need
– A strong understanding of charity entrepreneurship and many different areas of EA
– A strong understanding of human psychology
– Impressive communication skills, both written and verbal.
– Able to work both autonomously and in a small team
– Creative problem solver
– Ability and passion to quickly learn new skills
– Utilitarian values and strong concern for animal and human welfare
– Highly impact driven and knowledgeable about Effective Altruism
– Highly intelligent and conscientious

What we want
– Very strong work ethic
– Able to move to and work in London and/or Vancouver
– Experience working in Effective Altruism (volunteering, internships, or jobs all count). Leading a chapter would be highly relevant experience.
– Comfort with public speaking including Q&A
– Extensive experience writing persuasively
– Eye for design (e.g. able to notice how to make a website appealing, usable, and persuasive)

What we offer
– A job that has a huge impact on the world
– Have a large counterfactual impact on the direction, goals and achievement of the project
– Pay: amount dependent on role fit and employee needs
– Flexible working schedule and days off
– Experience working at early stage nonprofits or startups
– Community of talented, dedicated, and like-minded EAs
– Training in important skill sets
– High levels of intellectual challenges
– For the right employee more perks and benefits could be included

Application process
The application deadline is September 9th, 2019
Fill out this form
The strongest candidates will be contacted for the first stage interview

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About Charity Science Foundation of Canada

Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a project of Charity Science Foundation of Canda. We are a research and training program aimed at creating multiple high-impact charities annually with a focus on a number of cause areas, including animal advocacy. Our research and participants have led to the founding of five poverty charities, two animal advocacy charities, and one mental health charity, including Fish Welfare Initiative.

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