We are hiring a Vet Nurse to help set up and run a vet clinic and assist as required at our small farm sanctuary and rescue shelter in Hoi An, Vietnam.


  • Available to work a minimum of 9 months to set up the new veterinary clinic.
  • 5.5 day work week
  • Split shifts between 5:30am-8:30am and 3:00pm-4:00pm with errands and free time between and after
  • Accommodation on site

The ideal candidate will be: 

  • A licensed vet nurse with minimum one year clinic experience in a busy Western clinic.  Must have ability to help order supplies, handle administrative set up, and set up and run the necessary tools and equipment we will be buying.
  • Able to ride a scooter confidently, ideally licensed for motorbikes
  • Speak native or fluent English
  • Be up to date on vaccinations
  • MUST have travel/expat insurance

A small salary is provided but it is best to have either savings or some remote work to supplement your income

Must be mature, reliable, and hard working. As our animal rights organisation is vegan, staff should plan on only eating vegan on site. Some social media and community outreach skills preferable. Fundraising experience would be a big bonus.

Please message info@vietnampetsandvets.com with your CV and cover letter.

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About Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

VAAR is a vegan animal sanctuary running in central Vietnam for 7 years, now closing the shelter slowly while shifting completely to the veterinary side with local vet training and mass sterilization. We have 35 animals including pigs, chickens, cats and dogs in a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Town.

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