Artisan Raw Ltd. is an ambitious new company making organic, dairy-free nut-based “cheeses” as well as a range of other healthy raw products.
We are looking for a talented Food Technologist / Product Developer to join our team to help us grow the business and transition towards large-scale commercial production. We are looking for someone who is responsible, independent, proactive, loves spending time in the kitchen and has extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of food production.

You should be prepared for a leadership role where you will be running the production of our products as well as bringing new ideas to the table with you. If you fit these requirements, you could be a great fit for us at Artisan Raw.

We are looking to fill this position ASAP.

Tier 2 visa sponsorship is available.

Our Ideal Candidate would: 
·       Have professional or academic experience in food science and product/process development;
·       Have extensive knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of food production, including pH levels, nutritional value evaluation, fermentation, etc.;
·       Have a good understanding of product shelf life, microbiology, costing and quality control;
·       Enjoy cooking and have a passion for healthy food;
·       Possess essential cooking skills: accurate measuring of ingredients, portion control, heat control;
·       Have knowledge of software, including stock control/inventory management software, product development and optimisation software, formulation software, food safety software; e.g. Recipe Professor Point74, Qadex, SAP, etc.
·       Prioritise and always adhere to food safety and hygiene standards, as well as have a good understanding of HACCP and GMP practices;
·       Be independent, reliable, initiative and stress-resistant, as well as have a meticulous attention to detail. This is a leadership role, so you need to have the ability to “roll up your sleeves” and jump in when needed.

Job Responsibilities:
·       Food manufacturing process development and improvement with the use of various production techniques and equipment;
·       Recipe and product development;
·       Production of Artisan Raw products: a range of plant-based, raw “cheese”;
·       Choosing the right food machinery and equipment and tailoring it to our needs, while adhering to a tight budget;
·       Observing strict sanitation rules, the Soil Association organic standards, as well as food preparation guidelines and recipes;
·       Establishing and maintaining relationships with suppliers and partners, such as the Soil Association;
·       Food quality control;
·       Food inventory management, stock control and record keeping;
·       Calculating costings of new products and ingredients;
·       Cleaning and washing up in the kitchen;
·       Packing ready products with the use of a tray sealing machine;
·       Creating product presentations/food photography.

Job Details:
Location: West London
Starting salary: £30,000

Tagged as: food science, processing, production

About Artisan Raw Ltd

Artisan Raw is a young manufacturer of raw, vegan snacks based in London. We specialise in a range of 100% organic, raw, plant-based "cheeses" made from organic cashew nuts and superfoods. Our products are dairy-, lactose- and gluten-free, and contain no preservatives or artificial additives.
Our mission is to offer healthy, delicious and all- natural snacking solutions for adults seeking accessibility to the finest ingredients.
We want to make people healthy without compromising on taste and quality, as well as to save the planet from cruelty.

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