We are looking for a vegan chef to lead our restaurant kitchen and production line of traditionally Vegan Greek ready meals. We are working with Organic and zero waste standards. The job is mainly during the day. We are a strong team with a community and sustainability oriented spirit. We come with the best of energies to work and we can appreciate the importance of keeping the energy flowing especially because we handle food. We would like to work with someone that is inspired by our mission, professional, experienced and has a positive attitude in life. Vegan, Sugar free and Gluten Free Baking skills will be very much appreciated. Our kitchen is big, airy and very bright with a skyline window right above the worktop. The job is pleasant and non stressful if you are well organised. If you are looking into working with a lovely team of people and for a meaningful cause  please get in touch.

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About Gaia Pulses

We are a small cafe, restaurant and food brand inspired by traditional Greek culinary culture. We are based in a wonderful community oriented building that used to be the public baths of Hackney Wick. We operate mainly during the day but also at evenings during events. We are all about spreading the word on the benefits of a plant based diet, mindfulness, community and sustainability. All the employees have free access to  the yoga classes that are taking place in the building and have the opportunity of being part of our vibrant and creative community.

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