Company Mission Statement:

To change the world, simply by: Sharing plant-based foods that are more delicious, nourishing, and sustainable, while showcasing an everyday approach to eating that is fun, fast, and affordable for all.

Overview: Performs a variety of professional culinary functions in the kitchen.


  • Prepares ingredients and food for cooking
  • Cooks meals and executes recipes in accordance to Kitchen Manager’s guidelines
  • Uses par lists for preparing and ordering food and ingredients
  • Executes daily cleaning and routine deep cleaning of the kitchen and Café
  • Follows health code guidelines
  • Maintains friendly interactions with customers whenever necessary
  • If serving as prep cook: serves food, buses dishes, and carries out barista duties
  • Follows guidance of Kitchen Manager at all times

Other Expectations:

  • Attends/participates in scheduled staff meetings
  • Maintains clear line of communication with all other staff and management/owner
  • Leads by example with a positive attitude
  • Strictly follows the Staff Handbook
  • Sets goals and objectives for oneself, strives to constantly improve

“BE the change you wish to see.”

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About Pingala Cafe

Pingala Cafe is a warm, welcoming place that serves up food truck inspired cuisine & culture, and, it just so happens to be one of the most magical places on earth. Here at Pingala, we have an inside-out approach to everything we do; It's not the food we make, it's why we make it. It's not the ingredients we use, it's the ingredients we don't use. And it's not to turn everybody vegan, It's to make vegan food fun, delicious, and approachable. Having said that, most of us here at Pingala believe that veganism is an extremely liberating, thriving, and enjoyable lifestyle that can work for everyone. Our operation is a labor of love.
We are based in Burlington, Vermont, our kitchen and cafe overlooks the Winooski river. We also run two food trucks during the summer seasons, the Broccoli Bar and the Carrot Cart.
We look forward to meeting you!

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