Charity Entrepreneurship is a research and training program that incubates multiple high-impact charities annually. Our focus areas include: animal advocacy, health policy, mental health, and family planning.

We are now accepting early applications to Incubation Program 2020.
The program will be held from June 29 to August 28 in London, UK.
Deadline for early applications: January 15, 2020.

We provide two-month, fully cost-covered boot camp that will take an applicant from a basic familiarity with starting charities to being fully prepared to create and operate an effective organization. Management, fundraising, impact analysis – everything there is to know will be taught by mentors who have experience establishing multiple EA charities.


Each year our research team spends thousands of hours researching potential charity ideas, building on large bodies of research by external organizations. Only the best interventions make it onto our list of top charity ideas.

We choose participants who, in our view, have the greatest potential to start new, effective charities from our list. We then provide them with two months of intensive training.

We provide seed funding of up to $100,000 per co-founding team, legal support, and connections to donors, mentors, and potential employees who all want to see you succeed. The rest is up to you!


1. We’ll help you find a perfect match to work with based on partner-projects and multiple evaluations.
2. You’ll prepare a budget and a strategic plan to kickstart your charity right after the program.
3. You’ll create a simple website, logo, record high-quality video – all you need to promote your organization.

The  Incubation Program’s format resembles a full-course load at a university in terms of hours and workload. You can expect:

Seven to eight hours of work a day
Lectures and videos
Individual and partner projects
Assigned reading
Guest speakers (in 2019: Peter Singer, Rob Mather, Bruce Friedrich, David Coman-Hidy, Nikita Patel, Adina Rom among others)
If you are dedicated to doing good, willing to follow the data, and have a strong interest in having a significant impact on the world — apply to the program.

The full program costs will be covered by independent donors who support the idea of getting new, effective charities on their feet. These costs include:

Accommodation: Attendees will be staying in an Airbnb within 30 minutes of the office. If you are from London, we will cover a reasonable rent cost for the duration of the program.

Food: You will receive a daily allowance of $25 to cover your basic expenses.

Flights: We will cover transportation costs, including international flights.

For more information go tohttps://www.charityentrepreneurship.com/incubation-program.html

To apply use this application form!

Candidates from all over the world are eligible to apply.

Last year we have successfully started two animal-focused organizations: Fish Welfare Initiative and Animal Advocacy Careers!
You can learn more on our research process for finding best high-impact charity ideas here and view all our animal-focused reports here: https://www.charityentrepreneurship.com/animal-welfare-reports.html

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About Charity Science Foundation of Canada

Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a project of Charity Science Foundation of Canda. We are a research and training program aimed at creating multiple high-impact charities annually with a focus on a number of cause areas, including animal advocacy. Our research and participants have led to the founding of five poverty charities, one mental health charity, and two animal advocacy charities, including Fish Welfare Initiative.

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