Charity Entrepreneurship, an incubator for high-impact charities, is seeking an intern to assist with editing and writing content for our research reports, website, and social media channels.


The best charities in the world have a huge impact. Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a startup incubator dedicated to getting more great nonprofits founded. Our organization conducts research to identify the most promising potential charitable interventions, then runs a training program that incubates 10+ evidence-based charities per year. Focus areas include animal advocacy, health policy, mental health, and family planning.


One of the main goals of our internships is to help others gain experience with charity startups, in addition to producing useful work that is of concrete benefit to CE. This is intended to help applicants with starting their own charities in the future or launching a career in the EA space. We have had multiple employees and interns move on to found EA charities or work full time in EA organizations, and we intend to continue that trend.


Strong communications are the core of Charity Entrepreneurship’s work. Thanks to your editing skills, more high-quality entrepreneurs will found charities, the incubation program will secure additional strategic partnerships, and research reports will reach a broader audience. In your role as an intern, you will also help strengthen overall editing processes, allowing the research and communications teams to focus on their primary duties, including identifying the most impactful interventions to help animals and people.


Charity Entrepreneurship produces a lot of written content — both direct research and meta EA posts, as well as smaller writing pieces. This content generally requires significant improvements to style and grammar. Sometimes you will have to re-write full paragraphs. For some of our team members, English is not their first language, and one member of our team has a form of dyslexia. Currently, our ability to publish content is limited by a lack of strong copyediting resources.
Tasks will include proofreading and editing high-quality content, including Charity Entrepreneurship’s research reports, EA forum posts and blog posts, and articles for an online handbook for charity founders, as well as small writing pieces such as important emails and social media posts.


  • Exceptional English language skills
  • Strong proofreading skills for reviewing and improving copy while conforming to specific stylistic rules (we use American English)
  • Ability to produce clean copy that requires no or minimal review before publishing
  • At least basic understanding of effective altruism terminology
  • Ability to put in a minimum of 5 hours a week


  • Familiarity with the written output of Charity Entrepreneurship
  • Good understanding of effective altruism concepts
  • Interest in charity entrepreneurship as a career
  • Reads the EA Forum regularly
  • Able to put in 10+ hours a week
  • Available during the GMT time zone workday


  • Be the reason for more areas getting investigated, thus founding a greater number of more effective charities
  • Gain experience with an effective altruism nonprofit
  • Work with like-minded, dedicated, and compassionate teammates
  • Get a strong resume reference
  • Enjoy flexible work hours and location​


Expected hours: minimum of 5 hours a week, ideally 10+ hours up to full time
Location: remote or London-based
Pay: unpaid
Application deadline: February 15, 2020

To apply: Fill out this application form. ​After doing the required test task (available via the form) the strongest candidates will be contacted for an interview combined with a timed test task.

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About Charity Science Foundation of Canada

Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a project of Charity Science Foundation of Canda. We are a research and training program aimed at creating multiple high-impact charities annually with a focus on a number of cause areas, including animal advocacy. Our research and participants have led to the founding of five poverty charities, one mental health charity, and two animal advocacy charities, including Fish Welfare Initiative.

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