Position Title:  Operations Manager

Reports to: Executive/Medical Director

Position Status: Part-time, approximately 24 hours/week.

Location:  United States.  Remote workplace

To apply, please email a letter of introduction and resume to: info.panusa@gmail.com

Organization Summary

PAN, founded in 2018, raises awareness and effects change among health professionals, the general public, and policymakers about the role of whole food, plant-based  nutrition in promoting good health and preventing and treating disease. PAN is an international charity [https://pan-int.org/], based in Germany, with an expanding number of national offices.  PAN USA [ https://pan-usa.org/], launched last year, is an integral part of the global effort, both in building programs in the United States, and supporting fundraising, strategy, and capacity building internationally.

We strive to:

● Make nutrition education a key part of medical school training.

● Empower health professionals by providing educational seminars and tools.

● Create effective nutrition programs and resources to support patients.

● Build a global network of health professionals, scientists, and students.

Position Summary

PAN USA is seeking an Operations Manager, our first employee, committed to our mission, able to support core operational, fundraising, and communication needs.

Principal Responsibilities


·         Manage required government forms.  Initial applications and renewals, with tracking.

·         Monitor projects for deadlines, and being on task, while managing some projects directly.

·         Keeping information, documents accessible and being able to retrieve as needed.

·         Facilitate technical support.  Manage some processes and fixes directly while coordinating with consultants as needed.

·         Keep track of day to day bookkeeping.


·         Assist in development of PowerPoint presentations for fundraising.

·         Manage distribution of group emails including e-newsletters, updates, and fundraising appeals. Draft some copy while managing format and initial edits.

·         Support E-mail list-building.

·         Catalogue foundation proposals and support proposal development.

·         Data entry in customer relationship database on donors and other stakeholders.

Communications/Social Media

·         Posting to Facebook and other social media.  Manage and reply to comments as appropriate.

·         Reply to general E-mail queries with support from rest of core team.


We are more interested in applicant’s commitment to the Mission of PAN, and ability and commitment to provide for core needs in our early stages then we are in specific educational attainment or years of workplace experience.  We know that no applicant will have experience in every area described under Principal Responsibilities and are seeking a colleague who can efficiently and effectively multi-task many of the described roles.

Additionally, we are particularly seeking:

·         Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

·         Outstanding organizational skills: able to plan, organize, problem solve, and prioritize in a growing organization in its early stages.

·         Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

·         Ability to work independently from a remote location, operating from a home or remote office with communication primarily through online and telephone.

·         Flexible work schedule.

·         Location in Eastern MA or RI a modest plus; not required.

The successful applicant will begin with some of the key roles described here, prioritizing under the guidance of the Executive/Medical Director.

For the right individual, this is an opportunity to substantially impact a young, growing organization committed to the health benefits of plant-based nutrition, based on nutrition science.


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About Physicians Association for Nutrition USA

PAN aims to raise awareness among health professionals, the general public, and policymakers about the role of whole food, plant-based nutrition in promoting good health and preventing and treating disease.

As the US national office of PAN International we strive to:

● make nutrition education a key part of medical school training

● empower health professionals by providing educational seminars

● create effective nutrition programs and resources to support patients

● build a global network of health professionals, scientists, and students

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