Hiring full time shelter manager or couple starting ASAP who is in Vietnam currently and also for candidates for when the borders open to Vietnam in 2022. Vet nurse/tech ideally, but anyone with work experience involving veterinary care is encouraged to apply.

We are looking for an on-site manager for the animal shelter and our programs for Hoi An.  Currently we need someone who can help us transition our work in the shelter to full time veterinary work rather than process new intakes of cats and dogs.  The role requires an extremely reliable and hard working team player who has a minimum of 1 year experience of paid work in an animal shelter and with basic veterinary care.

This is an ideal position for a vet nurse ready to get out of the confines of the clinic and put their knowledge to use.  The candidate will be responsible for our 28 rescued cats, dogs, pigs, hedgehogs, and chickens daily on our small property with opportunities to contribute to our social media/marketing, fundraising, human resource recruitment and management, and financial management.

One year minimum commitment. Short term assignments are not valuable to either the organization or staff in terms of training and capacity building for our programs.  There is so much to learn about Vietnam, the region, and where we fit in the animal rights movement as a vegan, foreign organization working in the veterinary and rescue fields. It is important to really dig in and commit to the time it takes to develop your understanding of our work and how we can best help animals in the situation we are in, something that cannot be done without a long term commitment. The weather can be very rainy or very hot, sometimes absolutely stunning though, and the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Must have experience living and working in low resource countries like Vietnam (and have an understanding of animal care in low resource environments- this is NOT negotiable).
  • Ability to drive a motorbike (or learn quickly) required. Onsite accommodations provided with your own bedroom and shared bathroom. 30-40 hour work week, 5 or 5 and a half days a week (depending on the number of onsite staff at the time). Motorbike, petrol, and phone credit covered.
  • Candidate MUST have their own travel insurance at the very least (expat insurance is far better), rabies and tetanus vaccinations, and must buy their own full face motorbike helmet- driving safety is a very big part of our work
  • Admin, fundraising, language and media experience a big plus if you have these skills but they are not a requirement.  A great caretaker who is reliable, trustworthy, detailed-oriented, and loves keeping a spotless rescue environment is the most important thing
  • We are unable to provide work permits and residency right now due to the current visa requirements and our business license, but we will assist with tourist visa process.  We cannot provide flights into Vietnam.
  • Salary starts at $600 USD per month depending on experience with 21 days paid holiday accrued throughout the year.

Please message us for more information and share with anyone you think might be interested. Send your CV and cover letter to info@vietnampetsandvets.com.


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About Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue-US

VAAR is a vegan animal sanctuary running in central Vietnam for 8 years, now closing the shelter slowly while shifting completely to the veterinary side with local vet training and mass sterilization.  All new rescues are offsite and as we are working on moving our rescues to a new property and focusing solely on developing the capacity of Vietnamese vets in order to reduce the population of animals ending up in rescue.  Prevention is the best rescue!

Opportunities for an exchange and training with much a larger partner's shelter in Cambodia as well.

We are an anti-speciesist rescue that works to end the rhetoric in rescue that one can save dogs and kill pigs with a clear conscience. Being outspoken abolitionist vegans can be a bit stressful in terms of lacking popular support that welfarist organizations have, but it is very rewarding to be part of a team that knows ALL species deserve 0ur love and respect and for us to speak up loudly for their interests regardless of how uncomfortable this can make people.

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