Are you dedicated, motivated, creative, and magical AF?! Then we’re looking for you! Stoner Girl Treats & Eats, is a California based edible, topical,  and food service company. We are currently hiring for the following positions; please send an email to stonergirltreatsandeats@gmail.com 

We are hiring for 2 locations (Los Angeles & San Luis Obispo, CA)!

  • Personal Assistant/ San Luis Obispo & Los Angeles, California
  • Intern/ San Luis Obispo & Los Angeles, California
  • Food Service Team Member/ Seasonal, Los Angeles, California


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About Stoner Girl Treats & Eats

Stoner Girl's Mission Is to provide wellness relief, quality treats, eats, cakes, bakes, skin care, & consistent , smoke free alternative for patients. Our carefully handcrafted treats use only the best local, non-gmo, wheat free, gluten free, & dairy free ingredients, to produce the same deliciousness, potency, purity, and consistency, every time!

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