The project

FOOD·E helps us take better care of our planet through our food choices. The idea is that given a glimpse of their meal options’ environmental impact when selecting their next meal, consumers will choose environmentally friendlier meals more often. FOOD·E enables meal creators of all kinds and sizes to evaluate their meals’ environmental impact and clearly present it for their consumers.

The role

We need a storytelling wizard to help us create explanatory videos for the FOOD·E project so that our users have a clear idea of how it works and how it can benefit them and everyone else.

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About Ethicode

By innovating and building software to educate, raise awareness, and promote fairness towards all animal species, Ethicode is inspired to create a world where all sentient beings have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

FOOD·E is Ethicode's most significant project, poised to have a considerable impact, steering non-vegans to choose vegan meals more often, driven by environmental reasons.

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