Reason for Vacancy

Global Vegans is a start up company with high ambitions. Currently I am funding it out of my own pocket which is why this job is advertised as voluntary, however, there is the opportunity for paid work albeit not at what I would call a fair rate, nor regular.

Global Vegans is not my day job but it is my passion, which I have already invested lots of time, money and effort into getting to where it is now. I want Global Vegans to make a difference and I am looking for long term relationships with content writers who can help me achieve this goal and who can grow with the business. My current focus is on developing the website, monetising it and improving the offerings which is taking up all of my time so I do not have the time to create lots of content. The intention is to monetise the site to enable me to pay a fair rate for content, pay for the site and ultimately to donate any excess money to animal charities.


The Role(s)

There are two roles with the same job specs but one is paid and content is decided on by me along with the deadlines and the other is voluntary with content ultimately decided on by yourself with submission dates up to you.

Paid work is at the following rates; $5 for 500 words, $10 for 1,000 words & $15 for 1,500. The transaction will be done on www.fiverr.com to help protect you and me. You will be responsible for your own taxes in your own country as fiverr is a contracting website for the self-employed. It is free for you to be on fiverr and the customer (me) pays the transactions fees. Hence the rates above are what you will receive. If this ever changes then we can deal with that eventuality. This paid work is currently sporadic as it depends on me having spare cash.

Global Vegans has two main areas of content requirements;

Latest Vegan News – This can either be new Vegan news or a rewrite of Vegan news reported on elsewhere. Whilst this second part feels slightly odd it is standard practice in newspapers.

Blogs – Animal Abuse, Vegan Health & Nutrition, Vegan Recipes, Vegan Travel and General Veganism. So any Vegan interest content has a home in one of these headings. If you are an environmental content writer then an additional category can be set up with sufficient content.


–          All content will be credited to you.

–          If you have a website then this will be linked to from the content.

–          I will put you in the Global Vegans business directory to help you obtain more work.

–          I will promote you on social media as a Vegan content writer to help you obtain more work.


Writing Style

I am easy on specific writing styles but my preference is a conversational style. Please note; the work must be factually and grammatically correct. The only other area which I would insist upon is that it must be pragmatic. Whilst as Vegans we know, that if you are not Vegan then you are an animal killer, this approach does not encourage non-Vegans to become Vegans, it only gets their backs up! The purpose of the content is to inform and encourage people to become Vegans. Lets make love not war!



If you are interested in the position(s) please let me know and if possible send me examples of your work. Thank you for your interest.

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About Global Vegans Ltd

Global Vegans has three main functions to achieve one goal ....

1) to promote Veganism via a number of different ways; Vegan news, Vegan information via blogs, animal petitions, Vegan merchandise.
2) to collaborate with other Vegan businesses/Vegans to help promote them.
3) anything else we can think of that supports the final goal.

We see every informed Vegan and every successful Vegan business as a success for the animals ... and that is our main driver .... it is the goal of the organisation .... saving and helping animals ....

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