A proven Crowdfund lead generator needed for multiple campaigns over next 36 months:

1) – Dec 2020 Equity Crowdfunding:  help raise $1M. Then immediately begin a Regulation A to raise $10M.

2) – Mar 2021 launch new flavors: help do reward Crowdfunding for our new flavors and continue acquiring customers to reach ten thousand monthly subscribers in 30 months.

3) – May 2021 launch meal matching:  help do reward Crowdfunding for our revolutionary Algorithm that matches meals to an individual’s DNA & Microbiome tests and reach 2,000 subscribers in 30 months.

4) – July 2021 launch professional site:  help recruit doctors, chiropractors, dietitians, weight loss counselors, yoga teachers and fitness coaches to use our “Portal For Professionals” to order personalized meal plans for patients and clients. Recruit 500 professionals in 12 months.

5) – Sept 2021 launch supplements:  help do reward Crowdfunding for our new Vegan supplement line including Peruvian super food mushrooms and reach 3,000 subscribers in 12 months.

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About Vegan Investing Club

Vegan Investing Club is free to join. Currently we're at 5,000 and you can help us reach 10,000 members in December, then 100,000 by June 2021.

We come together with a common cause to boost the Vegan economy by backing Vegan companies starting at $100. Each month beginning this December, members will be notified when a Vegan startup offers discounts and bonus shares to early bird investors. The Club teaches members to diversify by investing small amounts in multiple companies over the next year.

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