PVS is seeking adult (age 18 and older) volunteers.


● Affirm and share PVS’s mission and values of inclusive veganism from a social justice perspective

● Periodically check-in (i.e., via email, phone, Zoom, Google Meet) with PVS co-organizers to update on particular initiatives

● Identify and apply for grant possibilities on an ongoing basis

● If grants are awarded, assist in meeting  their requirements

● Find blogs and organizational newsletter opportunities

● Write brief articles for blogs and organizational newsletters

Requested skills

● Ability to engage in professional, non-partisan, inclusive, and  respectful communication

● Word processing skills

● Knowledge/openness to learning Google Drive and Slack

● Taking initiative and meeting deadlines

Time Commitment Required

●Approximately 2-4 hours weekly

●Attending online PVS public meetings (usually once to twice monthly) is encouraged

Benefits to the Volunteer

● Engaging in values-based work

● Increase grant-writing skills

● Build your volunteer resume and hone writing and research skills

About Pittsburgh Vegan Society

Pittsburgh Vegan Society is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. From an inclusive social justice perspective, we advocate for veganism for animal rights, environmental sustainability, stopping worker exploitation, and human health. PVS focuses on advocacy, community, education, and resources. Our programming is open to everyone.

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