The hardest part about rescuing animals is finding people to help.  Rescue Force is working to remedy that problem with our mobile app.  The Rescue Force app allows anyone anywhere to request help for any animal from local volunteers. But we need help finding those volunteers to signup and be ready to receive alerts on their mobile devices.

We are looking for community coordinators all over the world who can help get people already rescuing animals to download the app and sign up.  We are 100% donation supported, so the app is completely free.

We have huge development plans and will be adding features that make animal rescue much easier and efficient.  Some of the features in the words include:

– Rescue Force Command which allows an organization engaging in mass rescue operations to see all alerts and all volunteers on a single map. For example, if ASPCA is engaged in large scale animal rescue after a hurricane, they can request access to this feature and be able to see all of the alerts created when help is requested, and all of their staff, volunteers, and resources on a single map.  So, if they see a request for help for a dog stranded in flood waters, they can easily see who is the closest rescuer with a boat who can respond to that alert.  This feature is around 90% completed, and we should have it operational in the next few months.

-Transport Map which will show all transport requests as well as the routes that scheduled transports are taking.  This will allow much better coordination between transporters which can greatly increase the utilization of vehicles and drivers.  But we also want to create a feature that allows anyone to input their future routes, so, for example, if you decided to take a trip to Portland next Saturday, you could enter your trip details, and if there was a transport that popped up, you would be alerted to see if you could transport that animal.  This provides a constantly updating list of available transports for when there is an urgent situation.

-Notification System, and this allows for any organization to send instant notifications to their staff and/or volunteers.  This provides a very efficient way of disseminating information to volunteers for sanctuaries, rescues, and even local community volunteer groups.

-Shelter/Rescue management portal, which will give small organizations and even individual rescuers, a tool that is usually only available to large organizations.  It is going allow animal record keeping, social media integration, donation recording, volunteer scheduling, foster records, and many other features.

If you are interested in helping expand this valuable tool in animal rescue, let us know.  You can live anywhere in the world!  And if you don’t live in an area in which English is the primary language, we would love your help in adding additional languages to our app!

For the animals!

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Rescue Force is a mobile app resource that allows anyone anywhere to request help for any animal from local volunteers.

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