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Sentient Media is a nonprofit journalism organization that seeks to create transparency around the roles of animals in our daily lives—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects. Made possible through a grant with VegFund, our Social Media Fellowship will train online advocates to get the facts about animal suffering in front of larger audiences.

We believe in delivering the facts, commentaries, and analyses that often get ignored by traditional media. The goal of the Social Media Fellowship is to provide training and build a supportive community for high-impact animal advocates to improve their understanding of the issues facing nonhuman animals and help them get animals’ stories in front of mainstream audiences.

Together, we are advancing the conversation about animals through topics like factory farming, plant-based foods, social justice, and the environment while encouraging humans from all walks of life to consider their relationships with animals more deeply.

The Social Media Fellowship brings together social media experts, journalists, influencers, and leaders in the animal rights movement to educate and guide advocates through a 6-week course.

Each week, fellows will gain knowledge on animal suffering, media bias towards animals, the power of social media in advocacy, crafting journalistic content to reach larger audiences, creating targeted social media campaigns, and how to build and maintain an online community for animals. After Fellows complete the 6-week course, they will recruit 10 volunteers and assist them through the same 6-week course. At the end of the course, Fellows and volunteers will work together on creating and implementing effective social media campaigns. Fellows who complete the course and recruit 10 volunteers will receive a monthly stipend of 100 USD (this is a 6-month commitment).

Fellowship Benefits:
– Access to online courses designed to sharpen your social media and animal advocacy skills;
– Access to experts within journalism, social media, and the animal protection movement;
– Access to live events featuring panelists from around the world as they educate, motivate, and inspire you to take your social media presence even further for animals;
– Fellows who take part in the 6-week course and recruit 10 volunteers will receive a monthly stipend of 100 USD;
– Learn how to build your online impact and how to recruit your own team of volunteers;
– Gain first-hand experience and one-to-one mentorship with experts in social media and animal advocacy.

Become a Social Media Fellow:
If you’d like to learn from the experts and take your online animal advocacy to the next level, apply to join the Social Media Fellowship today:

Apply to join the Social Media Fellowship here.

Our Community:
Our goal is to reach animal advocates from across the globe, from all different backgrounds. The information in this 6-week course will apply to new and experienced animal advocates, no matter their location. Each of the selected high-impact Fellows will virtually recruit 10 volunteers and assist them through the 6-week training program. Together, Fellows and volunteers will create and implement targeted campaigns involving video creation, collaborations with outside organizations and/or influencers from around the world, graphics creation, content scheduling, and more.

Fellows and volunteers will have access to an online platform where they can communicate and collaborate throughout the course. They will also have access to recorded content and live events featuring experts in a variety of fields.

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About Sentient Media

Sentient Media is a nonprofit journalism organization that seeks to create transparency around the roles of animals in our daily lives—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects.

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