Full-time employees receive medical & dental insurance, PTO, select paid holidays, life insurance, and supplemental benefits. Salary is based upon experience.

Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken is located at 735 E 48th Street in Minneapolis.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Food Preparation

  • Review daily orders and set priorities
  • Communicate and interact with coworkers to coordinate efforts
  • Prepare food in appropriate sequence in accordance with daily production schedule, taking cook times and volume into consideration
  • Retrieve appropriate recipes and gather all dry and wet ingredients to prepare food
  • Mix and prepare fresh and dry ingredients to produce quality goods that meet The Herbivorous Butcher’s high standards
  • Wash, chop, and prepare vegetables
  • Mix milkshakes
  • Dredge and fry chicken
  • Make sauces and dips
  • Cook food according to recipes (sear, boil, bake, steam, fry), tasting to check for doneness and quality during and after the cooking process

Food Quality and Nutrition Safety

  • Evaluate the quality of fresh ingredients and end product
  • Adhere to all sanitation standards including those for cross-contamination of allergens
  • Follow FIFO with kitchen products and ingredients in kitchen storage and in both coolers
  • Use open items first
  • Ensure all perishable and shelf stable items are labeled and dated

Inventory Management

  • Communicate inventory levels of ingredients, products, equipment and supplies
  • Assist with product stocking, rotation and waste management
  • At closing, ensure the kitchen is fully stocked and ready to be prepped for the next day
  • On delivery days, assist with storing new items, moving older ones from back storage to ensure they are used first

Supervision / Leadership

  • Serve as backup for Restaurant Manager
  • Oversee all other HBFC staff
  • Provide training, work direction, performance feedback, and serve as point of contact for attendance with the Restaurant Manager
  • Ensure that the shop is properly opened and closed, and all kitchen set up and take down procedures are followed by all staff members
  • Review daily orders to determine workload, preparation needs, and appropriate staffing levels
  • Perform administrative duties, such as reviewing timecards and communicating with vendors
  • Report employee and facility issues to management

Required Education and Experience

  • Two or more years of kitchen experience, including cooking, prepping, baking, or frying
  • Line cook experience required
  • ServSafe certification required
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • High school / GED reading level for reading and comprehending recipes and safety standards
  • Able to work a flexible schedule including working nights and weekends

If interested in this position please send a cover letter and resume to hbfc@theherbivorousbutcher.com

**Please note: only qualified applicants will receive a response.**

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About The Herbivorous Butcher

The Herbivorous Butcher is America's first vegan butcher shop strives to create small-batch, all-natural vegan meat and cheese alternatives that are always fresh, flavorful, and protein-rich. We pride ourselves on a commitment to produce products of the highest quality while also creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. We’re seeking like minded individuals who have a passion for food, helping people, and developing a sustainable business to make a positive impact on the community they live in.

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