I am looking for multiple Co founders that are CEO type personalities that can receive investments for a veganic edible landscaping companies in various countries.

The goal is to provide food for all in massive abundance, and so I have to have partners in multiple countries to quickly and effectively convert lawns to food gardens internationally, in the most beautiful, veganic and balanced ways.

I have multiple interested investors and people interested in converting their lawns to food forests, and I have clients ready to get beautiful, elegant and edible landscapes as well.

Therefore, I wish to partner with somebody that is a great organizer with wisdom in company formation, company structure and have to intelligence and other abilities to make it a worldwide company transforming more than 50% of all lawns in the world to edible, beautiful, veganic and balanced food forests.

Here is a link showing out vision.

Kind regards,

Simen Li

CEO Bliss Immersions Consulting Company

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