Part time temporary social media campaign designer and website designer, for farmed animal sanctuaries and for our non-profit which gives grants to vegan education organizations.

Open to applicants globally but must have a strong command of the English language.

Note from VeganJobs.com: As we do when an organization does not yet have a web presence — we have verified the job poster is a real person in the vegan community. The website link leads to an association of theirs.


Tagged as: advocacy and outreach, animal sanctuary, content creation, design, media, social media, writing and editing

About Grants for a Vegan World

Grants for a Vegan World is a new non-profit organization based in PA and NC that provides grants to well-run, responsible vegan organizations -- primarily farmed animal sanctuaries. We focus on grants to improve or scale up vegan education and outreach efforts, helping grantees to reach the widest possible audience with effective vegan and animal rights messages. We are looking for experts in social media campaigns and website design to do short-term projects for Grants for a Vegan World and for our grantee organizations. Each job will be negotiated individually. We are also looking for donors and vegans who want to plan their estates or be guided on worthy vegan organizations that they may wish to donate to.

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