Are you passionate about plant-based cooking? Do you love teaching, entertaining, or presenting to groups? If yes, read on!

Design and prepare your own classes, with lesson design, recipe practice, and storytelling planning. We will support you with best practices, but ultimately your personal style and storytelling will be key to your class success and student engagement
Become a part of a community of passionate plant-based chefs and have the opportunity to collaborate with your fellow plant-based teachers to share tips with each other to maximise student engagement, learning & enjoyment
Work from home, streaming lessons directly from your kitchen to kitchens around the globe (Fret not if your kitchen isn’t large or luxe – students love authenticity, and we will support you with best practices and a virtual assistant to support you during class)

Are an experienced cooking teacher. The ideal candidate has at least 1 year experience teaching cooking either to adults or children, in person or online
Are a knowledgeable cook. You are a skilled, educated, and confident chef. You have a qualification in cooking and/or nutrition, and ideally also have at least one year of experience cooking for a restaurant, hotel, B&B, caterer, private clients or similar
Are a gifted presenter. You are charismatic, engaging, eloquent. You get energy from presenting to groups and shine in the limelight. You may have acting experience on stage or on screen, or simply have been told you’re “a natural” in front of crowd
Are passionate about plant-based food, cooking & health. You love cooking and are excited about Platewell’s purpose to inspire more people to become healthy, savvy and enthusiastic homecooks, and to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily life.
Are an outstanding communicator & teacher. You have a talent for storytelling, introducing concepts and techniques in vivid ways that resonate with diverse audiences. You are enthusiastic and compassionate, and encourage progress over perfection.
Are service-oriented. You are genuinely excited about the opportunity to help others and deliver a service that sparks delight, improves their skills, and ups their confidence.
Have an entrepreneurial spirit. You thrive in a fast-paced, creative, fluid environment. You are dynamic, comfortable with ambiguity, and can adapt to evolving business needs as we learn more about what our students love. You are excited to be a part of something new and emerging, and to grow and evolve with the business.
Are an inspirational team member. You share our core values: health, creativity, connection, sustainability, learning. You exude positivity, bring a can-do attitude, and naturally uplift others to do and encourage and inspire them to be their best as well.
Are excited about marketing yourself and your classes. We will invest in marketing to support growth in traffic to the overall Platewell platform, but to secure strong attendance at your own classes, you will help yourself by tapping into your own existing network.

Flexibility. Ability to host à la carte classes with the flexibility to set your own recipe, class design. price point and schedule. Choose to cook a class weekly, monthly or on a special ad hoc basis. In return for the below benefits of hosting on the Platewell platform, 20% of the listed ticket price will go to Platewell.
Additional exposure and visibility. Your profile and listings will appear across the Platewell ecosystem including website and social media posts, giving you broader reach to new students beyond your existing network. While you will certainly profit from marketing your own classes to your existing students, Platewell is also invested in marketing the overall platform to drive growth in traffic and new students.
Class Assistance. You will have the optional extra of a Platewell “Fairy Assistant”, to support you with student questions and chat during live classes. As a welcome offer for teachers who are new to our platform, we offer this as a complimentary addition for teachers’ first three classes
Professional Development. We will share our guidelines and best practices for delivering an exceptional class experience. This includes everything from recipe selection, to class preparation, lesson planning, storytelling, and student engagement. You will also receive student feedback and data after your classes, so you have a keen understanding about what resonated best, and how you can continue to build on your strengths.
Admin relief. All back-of-house administrative duties and expenses will be taken care of by Platewell. This includes payment processing fees, website hosting, class event listings, zoom-dial in set ups, CRM emails and customer service.
Staff Pass. Upon becoming a Platewell teacher, you will receive a complimentary pass to join other teachers’ classes, so you can be inspired by your peers’ examples.
Community. You will have the option to enjoy the warmth and connection of being part of an passionate community of like-minded, creative plant-based cooks and teachers.

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About Platewell

Platewell is a new plant-based cooking platform that seeks to help people everywhere to advance their culinary skills and food knowledge, and to inspire enthusiasm for plant-based cooking specifically. We are rooted in the values of health, learning, creativity, sustainability and connection. Our service is a hybrid model that allows students to buy single classes à la carte, or to join our membership and make classes part of their regular weekly wellness routine. We are looking for the talented and passionate plant-based cooking teachers in North America and the UK to join our platform and host live cooking classes, streaming from your home kitchens to students around the world.

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