We’re looking for someone that’s preparing for a career in social media and ready to gain first hand experience in an emerging exciting brand.

Our social media strategy is already set and in motion. You’d simply be allowed to attempt to create fun useful content and interact with followers under the guidance of the managers.

We want to help facilitate your education in this field and give you the opportunity to jump start your career. Broth Bomb is going to be a social media sensation.

Experience/Knowledge with ASMR and plant-based vegan diets preferred.

Work Agreement: 10 hours a week for three month with opportunity to be hired after.

There may be an opportunity to be hired even sooner on a part-time or full-time basis.

Tagged as: marketing, social media

About Broth Bomb LLC

We make seasoning mixes that fizz when added to bean and veggie stews. Funded on Kickstarter and recently featured on Food Network.

This is an amazing opportunity to join a company that will become an international household name in the coming years.

We are pledging a portion of profits to help reduce the food desert phenomenon and for multi-cultural charities.

Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Laurent, previously owned a restaurant delivery service working closely with a variety of restaurants. In 2012, he became physically disabled and transformed his life. Those experiences and 9 years of cooking easy one-pot plant-based meals at home we're the inspiration behind Broth Bomb.

Co-founder, Renee Laurent, has played a vital role in the invention, development of the recipes, and the branding.

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