PPMNY seeks a skilled program developer with a strong understanding of adult learning theories and experiential learning principles to serve as our Educational Design & Evaluation Manager. Our organization is now in high demand to present a wide range of nutrition education programming to diverse partner audiences, especially those in the wellness sector, social service agencies, health care institutions, faith-based settings, and schools. To date, PPMNY leaders have:

  • Created replicable models for a wide variety of introductory or stand-alone educational programs and intensive nutrition “jumpstarts.”
  • Begun to develop dietary transition support programs like peer mentorship and support groups.
  • Adopted and presented the existing program models of PCRM’s Food for Life series (delivered through certified instructors), and gained licensure and training for the Wellness Foundation’s Wellness Challenge 360.

Some PPMNY programming is offered widely to the general public to ensure open-access to our transformative health empowerment mission. However, our more intensive programming is typically delivered through partnerships with organizations or companies that pay for our services or secure grant funding to engage PPMNY. A growth goal for the organization is to develop more fee-for-service partnerships that allow us to deliver educational initiatives more widely and sustainably vs. our current volunteer-powered approach. With each new audience that PPMNY engages, educational resource and program modifications are often needed to ensure resonance depending on the community’s age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, or other factors. We would also like to simply yet comprehensively assess and evaluate the impact of our programming for our marketing, grantwriting, and fundraising efforts.

Working closely with PPMNY’s Network Director, Director of Community Education, and select volunteer leaders, the Educational Design & Evaluation Manager will be responsible for the following. Time allocations are approximate and will fluctuate depending on real-time projects.

  • Program Planning (10%)
    • Participate in internal planning to create a program development sequence that stems from real-time needs and organizational growth plans.
    • Participate in external planning meetings with our community partners to learn about their audiences to inform the customization of our educational programs.
    • Review and curate existing resources and program — or direct and supervise PPMNY’s project-based volunteers in doing so —  in the field of WFPB nutrition nationally, which may be valuable to apply to PPMNY’s local work.
  • Program & Resource Development (50%)
    • Following priorities identified by PPMNY leadership, design and develop new and replicable programs and stand-alone resources that add to the menu of options PPMNY can offer community partners.
    • Design the overall content of programs and, in multi-session programs, the pacing of the learning.
    • Create deliverables such as: well-articulated program goals, facilitation agendas, presentation slide decks (if needed) or other demonstrative visuals, handouts/worksheets, additional take-home resources, and program assessment tools.
    • Where applicable, work with other members of PPMNY’s network who hold expertise in relevant fields to create content; however, the manager is responsible for weaving all content together into a coherent narrative and an engaging finished product.
    • Review and enhance existing programs to ensure that they follow best practices in experiential adult learning.
      Incorporate best practices in remote learning for programs that will be delivered virtually. Once pandemic restrictions have ended, PPMNY expects to conduct many programs in-person with partner organizations but to retain some virtual programming.
    • Modify programming and resources for new audiences, as required, and retain all content in master templates that can be drawn from in preparing future programs.
    • Develop all programming and resources in accordance with our organizational values and with strong attention to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Work with PPMNY’s communications team to produce and package all materials in a professional manner consistent with our brand.
    • For select materials and programs, work with translators to adapt English-language resources for other audiences, specifically Spanish-speakers.
  • Program Implementation (20%)
    • Prepare all program materials for implementation in a timely fashion.
    • Secure best-fit educators or presenters for each program, module, or segment, and ensure that all parties understand the big picture of the program before delivering their segment.
    • Where appropriate, train qualified members of PPMNY’s network to deliver select program content; training responsibilities will vary in intensity depending on the type of program. This applies to most PPMNY programs including culinary demonstrations as well as some projects with external presenters.
    • Attend programs to observe and assess the effectiveness of program design, content, and presentation. Offer constructive feedback to presenter(s) to improve their craft and enhance the quality of future programming.
  • Program Assessment & Evaluation (15%)
    • Enhance and build out assessment tools that track the changes to participants’ knowledge base, attitudes, skills/behaviors, and health measures.
    • Enhance and build out evaluative tools that assess the effectiveness of each program.
    • Ensure that tools are culturally sensitive and accessible to target audiences.
    • Follow up with program participants to capture more responses.
    • Analyze the data to create recommendations for the future and to share back for marketing and fundraising purposes.
  • Additional Responsibilities (5%)
    • Participate in bi-monthly staff meetings and monthly team calls that include all volunteers and staff.

Qualifications of the ideal candidate:

  • Demonstrated experience in developing high-quality educational programs or curricula.
  • Demonstrated experience in program evaluation or social science research.
  • Advanced study of adult learning theories, experiential learning theories, and/or program design principles.
  • Passionate about the role of plant-based nutrition in health, and knowledgeable in the science and lifestyle of whole food, plant-based nutrition.
  • Ability to create and see the big picture while attending to details.
  • Demonstrated experience in creating highly-accessible plans, programs and tools that appeal to community members from diverse backgrounds.
  • Demonstrated experience in using best practices to deliver engaging educational content through remote platforms.
  • High emotional intelligence and comfort in relating to people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience and success working remotely with distributed teams.
  • Proficiency in Google Workspace’s collaborative apps (especially Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides), and comfort and experience with other collaborative technology tools, or ability to learn. PPMNY uses Slack, Trello, and Zoom.
  • Able to thrive in a start-up and volunteer-centric work environment.
  • Highly reliable and able to prioritize tasks effectively.

In addition, candidates must be located in the New York metro area.

Hours & Compensation:

This is a full-time position with a $60,000 salary. Benefits include flexible hours, remote work, a virtual office stipend, and health insurance premium reimbursement up to $500/month for the employee and $250/month for one additional dependent, if applicable. The Educational Design & Evaluation Manager reports to Lynn Diamond, Plant Powered Metro New York’s Director of Community Education.

To apply: Please submit a) a brief statement of interest, b) a resume detailing relevant experience, and c) a representative sample of a program or educational materials you previously created to jobs@ppmny.org. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until filled.

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Plant Powered Metro New York empowers people to find better health and overcome chronic disease through whole food, plant-based nutrition. We offer evidence-based education, resources, and support to create community and inspire change throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Our community-driven movement connects individuals, groups, and organizations in a strong network advancing the power of a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Together, we:

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