Position Overview

The #1 goal of Humane Action Pittsburgh (HAP) is to educate the Pittsburgh region on how to prevent and relieve animal suffering by taking meaningful action.  The HAP Website Manager will maintain our website(s) to make sure we are providing resources, and accurate and up to date information regarding the organization, our campaigns, and relevant issues.

Purpose of the Position

•    Increase visibility and impact of HAP with our web presence

•    Maintain and manage humaneactionpittsburgh.org and all associated webpages

Duties and Responsibilities

•    Develop web pages and designs that are appealing and functional

•    Perform regular quality checks to ensure website is functioning properly

•    Make edits to website as directed by HAP leadership

•    Make sure all HAP materials have consistent and positive messaging and branding

•    Add blogs, podcast episodes, new events, and other regular posts (content to be provided)

•    Maintain subscriptions with hosting site and other relevant third parties

•    Work with Director of Communication to manage subscriptions and other overlapping responsibilities

•    Grow awareness of HAP with the general public

Training Requirements

Training on HAP’s core values, mission, and policies, including orientation on various campaign missions and statuses.  Training on website (prior web management experience required).

Skills and Qualifications

•    Excellent written and digital communication skills

•    Able to work within HAP leadership as a team member

•    WordPress

•    Creativity to produce exciting and interesting designs

•    Organizational skills and the ability to multitask and prioritize projects

•    The technological ability to work on a variety of digital platforms and also create web and mobile content

•    Self-motivated

•    Ability to present yourself in a friendly, professional, and nonpartisan manner

•    Ability to work independently, follow instructions, and meet deadlines

•    Working knowledge of Google Drive


Time Commitment Required

3 – 4 hours a week.  This may vary.

Dress Code

Professional dress required for professional meetings (if any).  If attending an informal event on behalf of HAP, we ask the volunteer to purchase a HAP or NPP T-shirt for $7.


•    Work can be conducted remotely.

•    Meetings with HAP leadership will be in person at a mutually convenient location or virtual via Zoom conference.

•    Attendance at HAP general meetings (Humane Animal Rescue at 6926 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208) is highly encouraged once they resume.

Benefits to the Volunteer

•    Grow leadership skills

•    Develop communication skills

•    Cultivate your passion for animal and environmental protection and put it into action

•    Create real impact on the issues regarding animal welfare

•    Be a valued HAP team member

•    Build your volunteer resume

What Volunteers Can Expect from HAP

•    Support of HAP leadership and members

•    Respect and appreciation for your contribution and input

About Humane Action Pittsburgh

Humane Action Pittsburgh is a group of nonpartisan citizens dedicated to advancing animal protection through education, policy, and community action.

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