This is an equity and commission based position, a successful candidate will receive a contract that would include a 10% commission from net profit from all orders produced by a contract manufacturer/co-packer. If everything is organised properly within agreed deadlines, a successful candidate would also receive 8% of equity.

We are already negotiating with some of the contract manufacturers and co-packers but we lack a person with experience of organising a production, sales and logistics.

Our bacon is loved by many people in UK and we’re sure we can compete with big brands if our product is produced by a contract manufacturer. It is currently the best selling meat alternative at Greenbay supermarket and we’re sure that with the right team we can be the best selling vegan bacon in UK.

If you believe you have the right experience and skills to make it happen, please apply!


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About Vegan Cartel

Vegan Cartel speaks to those who have already embraced a vegan life and to those who are considering the transition. With all of the disastrous effects of meat industry on our planet, health and society it is our fundamental purpose, to create high-quality meat alternatives so that is easier for people to adopt and enjoy a plant-based life.

Many people have said that they can give up all meat – except bacon. But once they try our vegan bacon they become a believer!

According to Bloomberg, the global plant based meat market have reached 12 billion USD in 2019 and it is forecasted to double in less than 5 years.

We have entered the market at the right time and with the right product, now we need the right people with the right mindset and big ambitions to build a strong, successful company.

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