We are looking for a plant based vegan cook to join our small team at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat in Kals am Grossglockner in the Austrian Alps. MoaAlm offers summer and winter activity based holidays for small groups of guests. We generally have 12 guests (maximum 14) We are a small independent company that wants to share our enthusiasm for the mountain environment in a responsible way.

The expected start date is end of November 2021, but this is dependent on business restrictions due to Covid-19 and is subject to change.

• Are you creative, energetic, personable, caring and a team player?

• Beautiful as it looks, could you live at a remote mountain location?

• Would you be happy to share your space with a small team and a small group of house guests?

• Are you thoughtful of the environment and of looking for ways to provide a sustainable dining experience for others.?

Our philosophy at WearActive is that being active in the outdoors helps people truly relax during their holiday and truly appreciate the location. We love nature, so we make sure that our business does not disturb the environment whenever possible. We use solar energy, we recycle our waste, we source our supplies locally, and we try to eat organically. We only serve vegan and vegetarian food to our guests.

About MoaAlm

MoaAlm is a recently renovated guesthouse at 1800m on the edge of the Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria. Our location is truly something special: the views from the house are stunning, many hiking routes start from the house and in winter you can ski down from the house to the ski lifts, the ‘garden’ is filled with Marmots, Gams (Chamois) and Deer. Please note that MoaAlm is a remote place! The village of Kals is 5km down the road and Lienz, the nearest city, is 30km from MoaAlm. In the winter, accessibility is limited, so usually once you have arrived back to MoaAlm after a day of adventure, you really do not want to leave again.

MoaAlm offers all-inclusive holidays to guests from around the world. We can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests who typically stay with us for 1 week. During their stay, guests have the opportunity to practice yoga, enjoy guided outdoor activities or perhaps relax in our beautiful wood-fired hot tub. Our guests appreciate a personalised service and homely atmosphere which we cultivate through communal dining and sharing our time and interests of the great outdoors.

About the job: The MoaAlm Team

We are looking for a plant based cook. We are looking for someone to join us for this winter, but we are also looking at the option of it being a full time role going through to the summer. Our winter season starts in December and our summer season starts the end of May.

You would join a team of 4 permanent employees at MoaAlm. As a small business with only a small team, you would be expected to assist with other aspects of the business such as helping to keep MoaAlm a clean space for our guests. The other important role at MoaAlm is hosting; spending time with the guests and making guests feel part of the MoaAlm family.

Skills & Tasks:

Proficient in English and German language
Cooking and preparing vegan meals suitable for varying dietary requests. We serve three course evening meals and we aim to inspire our guests with our food!
Catering management (administration, purchasing, stock management, etc.
Cleaning and supervision of the kitchen area.
Assisting with other general hosting,
Assisting with social media marketing regarding the food.

The Work:

Annually: MoaAlm runs 18 week seasons in summer & winter with 10 weeks between each season of which 4 weeks are used to wrap up one season (admin & general maintenance) and prepare for the upcoming season. 4 weeks are taken as annual holidays between seasons (10 weeks holiday annually).

Weekly: When guests are with us, we work six days a week with one full day off. We then have an extra morning and evening off a week. This gives you the chance to not dine with the guests and have some extra space.

We all work hard but you should see it as a lifestyle – we are not “staff” in the narrow sense of the word; it’s very much a “team” effort! We get to live in a stunning location, ski down the ‘road’ to pick up the bread, meet really interesting people and eat great food.


Please get in touch…

Xania Wear

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About MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, WearActive Austria is a unique place in Europe, situated high in the Austrian Alps. With the focus on being ‘RelaxinglyActive’ we offer holidays that are a healthy balance of fresh air, mountain activities and great freshly cooked plant based food. With the focus on a personalised holiday experience, MoaAlm provides a space for us to share our passion for adventure in the the mountains, alongside a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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